Chicago cheese cake

For easy reference, here's the recipe.
20g Cake flour
80g castor sugar
1/2 lemon juice
1 1/2 eggs
125ml whipping cream
65g butter
125g digestive biscuits
200g Cream cheese
50g yogurt
1/2 tsp Vanilla essence

Note : I use a 7" springform pan placed directly at the bottom of AF basket without any grill pan or wire mesh used during AF.

1) Break digestive biscuits into very small pieces by using a food processor.  Mix in melted butter to biscuits bits. Press biscuit mixture on to bottom of baking pan and refrigerate for 30m.
2) Lightly beat eggs and pour through a sieve (pour in both eggs; what's left in the sieve is approx 1/2 egg so can be discarded)
3) Mix cream cheese and yogurt together (break cream cheese into smaller pieces for easier mixing).  Next add in vanilla essence, sugar, lemon juice and flour. Mix well before adding eggs, mix again.
4) Lastly, mix in whipping cream. Beat together thoroughly and pour into baking pan lined earlier with biscuits and butter mixture.
5) Preheat 3m, AF for 30m at 160 after covering with perforated foil. Remove foil and AF for a further 15m at 160 or until a nice brown colour.  Wait for cake to cool down thoroughly before cutting. Enjoy!


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