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Butter Cinnamon Roll 
(1) Water 90-95g
(2) Egg 50g
(3) Fine Sugar 15g
(4) Salt 2g
(5) Bread flour 220g
(6) Cake flour 30g
(7) Instant yeast 2-3g
(8) Soft Butter 15g
(9) Cinnamon powder + castor Sugar (sprinkle used)

•Pour in all ingredients(1)-(7) except butter into bread machine and choose no. 10 DOUGH to knead 10min, add in (8)butter to knead 20min. Reset to no. and repeat to knead another 30 min continue till elastic and smooth dough.
•Keep aside cover with wet cloth to rest for 20-30 mins(depends on room temperature).
•Roll in flat sheet, apply with butter, sprinkle with cinnamon powder and castor sugar, roll up.
•Cut into 6 sections, arrange onto 6 foil cups and cover with wet cloth, let it prove double in size(about 1 hour).
•Bake at a pre-heated oven 190 degree for 15-20mins,apply melted butter after baked.
(1)水 90-95克
(2)蛋 50克(我用1粒)
(3)幼糖 15克
(4)盐 2克
(5)面包粉 220克
(6)低筋面粉 30克
(7)酵母 2-3克
(8)软牛油 15克
• 顺序(1)-(7) 加入面包桶后,牛油除外。
•选项 10 号打面团约10分钟后加入牛油继续打20分钟后,再重复打面团大约30分钟(可拉出膜状型即可)。
•将面团擀成长方型,涂上牛油,洒上(9)桂皮粉和幼糖,由上而下卷起,接缝处捏紧。用刮板切 6 等份,之后将小面团转90度置入锡纸杯内。
• 190 度烘 15-20 分钟。


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