Seri muka noyona kuey

Recipe and photos from Meg Tan (facebook)

Seri muka

300g glutinous rice - soaked overnight ( water to cover the rice) in two parts
1 part in plain water n the other in bunga telang water
Just boil about 20 dried flowers with 200 ml water to get bunga telang water
200 ml santan - mix thick santan 140ml  with 60 ml water
1 tsp salt

1) divide the santan mixture n pour over pulut n steam for 30 mins until cooked
2) put in 6 x 6 inch pan n press down

Custard layer
200 ml santan
3 eggs
120 g sugar
2.5 tbs custard powder
1 tbs corn flour
Thick Juice of 30 pandan leaves blended

1) put all ingredients in a bowl n mix thoroughly . Sieve mixture n cook over boiling water  till thick
2) pour over the cooked pulut n steam again for another 30 mins
3) cool thoroughly before cutting


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