Hong Kong (Dim Sum) Coconut Pudding

Here's d recipe with a pictorial guide.

Hong Kong (Dim Sum) Coconut Pudding

4 egg whites (140g)
400g coconut milk (room temperature)
337g fine castor sugar
49g gelatin powder
675g water
1/2 tsp neutral-taste oil
Ice-water bath

- Very lightly grease 8x8" dish with oil. Set aside.
- Mix gelatin powder with sugar evenly with a whisk.
- Heat water in a small saucepan. Dissolve gelatin n sugar in water. Whisk thoroughly to ensure there r no lumps.
- As soon as gelatin n sugar r dissolved (no need to boil), set aside to cool to room temperature.
- In a large mixing bowl, mix cooled gelatin n sugar mixture with coconut milk (at room temperature). Whisk to ensure d mixture is thoroughly combined. Set aside.
- Whisk egg white with an electric mixer till soft peak.
- Sit coconut milk-gelatin mixture on ice-water bath. Hand whisk d mixture. When it begins to set, fold in egg white. Ensure d whole mixture is well mixed.
- Pour mixture in oiled dish. Spread out evenly n refrigerate till set.
- To serve, run a sharp pointed knife around d edges of dish. Invert chilled pudding onto plate. Cut into 2" squares. 
- D texture of d pudding should be lighter than agar2.


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