Baking with Homemade Natural Yeast

Baking with Homemade Natural Yeast

Fruity Homemade Yeast Water:
10 pcs of grapes (washed and cut into halves)
1 pcs medium orange (washed and sliced)
1 glass jar enough to fit the fruits and leave some empty space for air
250ml cooled cooked water/spring water/mineral water
20 gm sugar

Make sure to sterilize all the tools used for making the yeast water to avoid contamination by other bacteria.
Put the fruits all into the jar and pour in the water to cover all the fruits. Add in the sugar and close the jar lid. Shake it to mix well.
Put the jar aside

Remember to open the lid daily and give it shake to introduce new air to the mixture.

1st day :No  bubbles
2nd day: Got fizzy (‘pop’) sound when open lid. Can see large bubbles.
3rd day: Can see a lot of bubbles around the fruits. Slightly wine smell.
4th day: the bubbles are very obvious (supposingly) but mine actually looks like no activity.

To make levain (starter dough)

50gm yeast water
50gm bread flour/all purpose flour

Pour the above ingredients into a sterilize jar and stir to mix well. Close the lid and leave at room temperature to ferment.

Feed it once a day using the same amount of flour and water. Feed 2 to 3 times until u can see the levain can double within 2 to 5 hrs and you are ready to bake.

White Bread Recipe:
200gm levain
240gm bread /hi protein flour
20gm cake/low protein flour
24gm sugar
Pinch of salt
Water 100 to 110gm ( I used only 90)
Unsalted butter 32 gm

Put ingredients according to  your bm manual except the butter. Knead for 20 mins. Then add in the butter and run the knead function again for 20 mins. Leave it to proof until double and bake accordingly.


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