Custard bread

 For 9 pieces

First of all, make custard cream.
1.Sift 10g cornstarch and 25g sugar.
2.Mix (1) and add 130cc milk.
3.Also Put in 1 egg york and mix. Add vanilla essence.
4.Filter it through a net.
5.Wrap it softly. Place it in a 500w microwave oven for 2 minutes.
6.Mix it.
7.Wrap it again. Place it in a 500w microwave oven for 2 minutes and 30 seconds this time.
8.Add and mix 5g butter.
9.Cover tightly the surface of the custard cream and cool it.

Make Bread (It is possible to knead by hand.)
10.Mix and knead 200g bread flour , 3g salt , 13g millet sugar (or sugar ), 3g dry yeast , 13g fresh cream , 13g milk ,107g water .
11.When the dough was united , also put in 13g salt-free butter which is cut small and knead further.
12.Make it into a bundle. Put it into the bowl coated with vegetable oil thinly. Carry out primary fermentation about 40 minutes at a warm place.
13.Gently with a fist , carry out degassing of the dough which fermented about twice. Make 9 face parts(35g each).
Divide equally the remaining dough into 18 and make them ear parts. Reround each one and hang a wet washcloth that you squeezed firmly , take 15 minutes bench time .
14.Divide equally the cooled custard cream(9)
into nine(about 16g each).
15.Spread the dough of the face part(13). Wrap (14) and bind it tightly .
16.Attach the ears(13) to (15).
17.Carry out secondary fermentation of it at a warm place to the extent that I increase 1.5 times.
18.Firing. Bake for 10 minutes at a lower temperature to 160 ℃ oven preheated to 190 ℃. Bake furthermore
for 8 minutes at a lower temperature to 150 ℃. Put aluminum foil when the baked color is too deep.
19.After baked thoroughly, cool them on a net.
20.Draw a face of a bear in what was beaten with a small amount of water black cocoa powder.
21.And now you're done!


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