Bought new Toy~!

I bought a new mp3 player. :D

I finally got sick of my hand phone default earpiece that has no 3.5mm plug-in. Its getting a bad sticky feeling on the wires and also slipping off my ears whenever they like.

Knowing me well, you know I'm always looking for a cheap and good things. (CHEAPSKATE) So I went and bought a Limited Editon Magnum KUBE from 7-11.

I was reading alot of reviews and comments before buying. Here are all the cons I found on the Internet.

1) You cannot jog with it, the music will skip. (I verify this as fake as I was running after the bus and out of the rain, there is no problem with it skipping at all.)

2) Do not drop the player. (I drop it twice yesterday... -_- but its still works fine.)

3) Cannot shuffle music (I managed to shuffle the songs. So this is fake also.)

But there are some cons with the cheap price tag.

1) Volume control is not easy. You got to hold the damm button and the sides will poke ur fingers... @#%#$@%

2) No lanyard provided for player.. Only for the USB Card Reader... where got earth you think ppl want to place it?? Pockets to be poke???

3) Music will blast off ur ears when you first power on the player... #@$%$%#%^ at least make the volume to start off at a not so scary loudness... I now assume ppl at ollo are all hard of hearing.

Other than the cons I stated, I personally think it quite a cheap and good buy for anyone who require a basic player.


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