Last day in DSTA and First Day back in at NCS

Yesterday was my last day in DSTA. Been working there for about 4yrs++ already. Met alot of friends and done alot of "footprints" all over the intranet. :D

Kind of sad and happy to leave that place too. I need to upgrade myself, so require another challenge to push me ahead again. Cya ppl. Hope we get to work together again.

Today also my first day reporting back to NCS. Seems kind of strange to as i suppose to be an NCS staff, but it just seems like i'm starting a new job at a new place... hahhah..

Since noone ard to give me work, I've been surfing net again... I discover that facebook, flickr and IM are not allowed on the network... haiz.....

Luckly blogging and using external IM is still allowed... so I'm still connected to the world :D

IM me if you want to look for me then.


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