Ricola + English Breakfast Tea = Bliss!!!

Strange concoction but nice~!~

Boring morning in the office with sniffles and I already got 2 shots of caffeine with Vovo this morning, so no more coffee for me... :(

I open the huge tin I store my coffee and tea. And spotted a lone English Breakfast tea in it... Decide to use it since I’m going to leave office soon for new project.

No sugar around. -_-||| (I simply cannot live without sugar.) So I took the Ricola sweets on my table and pop it into the tea... ^_^

First, it smells like the aroma diffuser due to all the herbal oil in it. Swirls of oil are floating up!!! Hahah... and the peppermint is really strong like mad also.. I even took some tissue to dab away some oil... :P

The taste is like wonderful~! (Since I love ricola so much.)

And just as I thought I discover something new, I search the internet and found this

Someone out there must have also done the same thing like me before.. :D


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