Sitor Beri Cak Ge

Yesterday was my twins sisters birthday. They (Vonvon) has requested for a Sitorberi Cak-ge for their birthday. This is the results.

I have started working on this cake since sunday night after I came back from work, baking the sponge cake. Reason for a heavy sponge cake was because I got frighten by Feli screams... My Earl Grey (hamster) was dead. So after finish putting the cake into the oven, I help to clean up the cage and send Earlie to the other side.

Then on the next day, I started the cake deco at about 12pm. Whipped cream and add them layer by layer...

It very hard... Now I know why we pay so much for a nice looking cake..

It a little loop sided and the sponge cake is a bite heavy but the taste and looks are already sell-able.

Another sad news is my Earlie has died the night before my sisters birthday.. RIP Earlie..


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