Losing Touch and some Luck but I'm still dreaming

I lost my touch on how to bake !!!! Actually I "baked" a pineapple combine with butter cake on Monday evening but the results was horrible.

Beyond Horrible....

It does not even look like a cake. It looks like shit. So disastrous that I dare not take/post a picture of it. I wonder where did I go wrong?

But the cupcakes sized ones are still edible. Guess I have not lost all my luck yet.

I always love baking and always wonder why I have never pursued a pastry career. I always knew deep inside of me that this is what I want, this is my passion and I would never be bored working in that field. Why would anyone be bored with pretty desserts and cakes surrounding them?

How I ended up studying Computer Engineering would be just for the sake of studying something that can pay my bills bah....

Past is past, right? everything was/is there for a reason and there is nothing wrong with dreaming. As long as I earn enough to buy food and pay bills, then I am more than fine.

Meanwhile, try to be happy with what I have, and keep on dreaming.


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