Rainy Morning & Funny Bird

I really don't like rainy days. Especially when I need to go for work. But this morning, a little bird made my day less gloomy than usual.

Have you ever seen a bird walking sides way just to avoid you?
Hahaha... it seems so funny when it trying to keep an eye on me and also try to avoid me. You know, the kind of funny look when someone is wary of you. Just seems so cute to me.

Haven't been doing baking these few days, but soon. Sisters' birthday are just around the corner. Will be making a classic "Strawberry Whipped Cream Cake" for them. This is a request from Vovo.

Oh... I have also combined both my blogs together. Since I seldom update my personal blog...( Seems more like a white elephant and i can also save time and energy )


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