Sick to the core

I have been down with cough, flu and fever for a couple of months now. It a on and off thingy that I cannot seems to cure it.

Today was the worst of them all....

Since tuesday, the cough has been getting worst. Today was the last straw.. i actually cough until I PUKE !

Yeah... vomitted... Luckly I was already in the ladies when I started to cough.
Puke nothing much but coffee. I only able to stomach coffee this morning, but it bad enuff.

I currently writing this after lunch...with cough med in my system.

I hope my lunch stays in with me, unlike my coffee this morning. Taking MC for 3 days in a week is too much.. but if i'm really sick, i think i will have no choice.

Lets see how things get when I'm about to go home.


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