Low Fat Chocolate Truffles

Makes 24

    200g good quality dark chocolate
    6 tbs strong black coffee
    2 tbs clear honey
    cocoa powder to dust
  1. Melt chocolate and gently pour in coffee until the consistency thickens

  2. Add honey, a tablespoon at a time until you get a highly glossy lick of chocolate.

  3. Chill the bowl in fridge for 30 mins or until a nearly solid form.

  4. Scrape a table spoon of the mixture into plam and shape into a marble-size ball., roll this into cocoa powder until fully coated. Repeat until all the mixture are used up.
Tips: Replace 6 tbs of coffee with 150ml of strong herb tea or liquor of your choice. Make sure they are of room temperature before adding to chocolate.


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