Things i do nowadays

It's been a long time since I have time to write here.. ;)

Just feeling lazy @ work so decide to add an entry here.

Been quite busy at work with some creation on websites and some events that require me to help out. Not very very busy, but busy.

Feli is also another source of my busy-ness.. She is taking her O's this year and working super hard... Poor gal.. She is so stress out every night after school. I hardly see her everyday for more than 3 hours and we usually spend this time studying on her subjects.

Von is enjoying her life in poly and cannot be "bothered" with us... hahah.. She is also thinking of going to cambodia to do "Harvest Moon" after her bayer. Too bad mum is not allowing her to go. :p

Since dad is resting at home after the ops, Bro, mum and myself have been working overtime at the stall. I can clock about 13 ~ 16 hours for 1 weekend day which covers the night shift and washing of plates. Poor me...

I also taking photos for Bro's food and random things, and playing my PSP during my limited free time.. So i really all filled up to the brim with stuff... Going into hermit life again....


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