True Hapiness?? Do I have it?

Feeling kind of tired of the life I have now, but don't worry, I not ending it so soon. :p

Attended a workshop on Skills on Relaxation Techniques during working hours. :D

Did a quiz and found out that my stress level is moderately higher than an average person. Happen to be the only 2 who is this high. I really have to learn how to relax (I don't feel very stress leh).

Learnt how to breathe properly by breathing about 6 times in 1 min. This method will fully use the lungs capacity. Currently I'm only using half the lung power I have.

Reason of stress are in many forms, as what the trainer had said. First 30 years in your life, you are forced to fit into a box called society. After your 30 or about 40 years of your life, you will begin to awaken and discover that all along the image you projects to the others is not the real you. It not about self pity or positive thinking. It about accepting yourself as what you are.

example, I'm fat, i cannot wear pretty clothes but come to thinking about it. I save alot too. :D

Self-Love is important as if you keep criticising yourself, you will never feel happy and always feeling stress. It is also about what you wanted to achieve in life. The trainer use to be a sales person. She hated her job and feels she is not cut out to be a sales person at the age of 30++. She decide to drop everything and pursue her love for arts. Now she is an artist and self employed trainer. It may not pay much but she is happy with life and i can see how vibrant she feels. Its a kind of feeling with happy people. Happiness spreads.

Question now is Do I feel happy? What is my happiness in life? Is my life going to be how it is now? I not a person who is depress or unhappy. but i do get emo sometimes. Does it means that I'm not a "TRUE" happy person? I'm I still wearing a mask that can fit into the society rather than discovering what really makes me happy?

Yeah the trainer also touch on that if you rely on other to give you happiness, once the rely is not there, happiness is shortlived and will crumble. Only self Happiness will last.


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