Sore Eyes

Sometimes you really wonder if it the weather, or you are just "suay" when you start to fall sick.

I was traveling on train to work today when i felt an itch in my eye.(This is pretty common for me)

Started to rub it and i felt that it is starting to burn up a little. Was not too caring about it. Fell asleep on train.

At the terminal station, a nice lady woke me up as it also my station... i suddenly felt that my left eye cannot close or blink properly. And from the lady's face i can see that she is in shock...

HHAHAHAHHAAaa... i think she will never wake another person up again.

I went to the MRT's station toliet to check out how bad the damage is.

The whites in my left eye is all bubbled up and filled with liquid. it looks very red and deform. To make things worst, I am to do some stats collation on my very small notebook screen that day.... Really feel like going home.

Out in the open, i think i got alot of stares from the people taking bus to work.

Anyway, the swell is gone in about 3 hours time which is about lunch time. (Was thinking of going home it is still does not go away.)


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