Things to do in new house.

I was really busy for th past 2 months..

Boss wanted the AIMS to be up and running by end of this month and alot of stuff happened when i attempt to add a viewing video window into the intranet homepage. That caused alot of trouble to run haywired in the site. But not my fault.. really.. it a apps issue after they checked. :P

I also have shifted house.. Miss my old house alot but hey. it closer to my workplace now. :D can sleep longer as i like. NOT!! Yvonne needs to reach school on the dot. Thus.. poor me have to accompany her to the station everyday. :(
But at least i'm not going to be late for work now :)

Lib in SK is not as nice as the one in WS... i miss the collection of books they have in WS. Bu ti pick up andother interest soon. :P Sewing!!

I'm going to get my sewing machine up and running soon.. (I forgot how to use it already.)


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