Stupid Pple, Stupid service

Was wondering how come the services in SG is so bad..

It not that we have nasty customers but we also have very nasty service or what I call stupid ppl and stupid service.

I was lunching at lapizziola today and i really got very pissed off by old guy taking my order.

I order a set B that comes with soup and drink, then he ask me to come over and select the pizza.(at this point i told him twice i want a set B) when my order came, it was a 12' pizza.

I believe most of the ppl only eats personal pizza, he actually gave me a 12' pizza for myself to dine in?? If he is a dumb fuck, he has already proved it.

I was so mad but I paid for my pizza and ask them to pack the rest for takeaway. I'm never going to eat at that place again.


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