Farewell Lunch for Joan and Lu Ee

It has been 2 years ++ working with Joan and Lu Ee, usually Joan.

I always disturb her with my endless questions and request on announcement manager.

It seems like not so long ago we are still working together, talking rubbish and always looking forward to lunch with her and gang due to her swimming schedule and after my change of department.

It pretty saddening for me to see her go, but she has moved on to a better position somewhere else. All the best @ your new workplace Joan.

As for Lu Ee, i really dunno much about him. hahhaa (sorry) But I also would like to wish you all the best.

We went to Pasta de Waraku @ Central for the farewell lunch.
This is the mini salad when you order pasta.. Rendy didn't want hers so I ate it. By the time the food arrived, we are all so hungry that we ate at sight.. no pics for that. The portions were pretty small actually. Most of the guys were hungry after the meal.

After the meal we walked around the mall and Joan gave us an ice cream treat at

I had black sesame, they've got the taste of SEA!!! Which is sea salt and caramel.


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