CNY Cookies @ Canteen Sales

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Today was looking at the office CNY cookies sale outside the canteen.

Nowadays everything can be cooked or make into something.

Imagine charcoal!

Was not every keen on tasting charcoal....

What can you expect from something you use in a bbq for fire?
But the taste was not bad. not sweet but just strange. They also got the Champagne Raisin Cookies(This is very nice). Their prices are pretty expensive ($22.80 each tin) and the portion is too big(trice the size of the 50 cent coin).

So I ended up buying "love letters" from Four Seasons instead..

HA HA i think the lady selling her wares hates me as I think I tested every single of her cookies and ended up not buying anything at all.


March said…
good food.

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