Today is a special day. :) It my dad's birthday tomorrow. But we are making a cake for him.

As I'm forbade to use the oven until I'm shifted to the new house, we decide to just buy a ready butter cake for dad.

We cut, chopped the fruits, creamed the whipping cream, created butter (overbeat the cream) and smashed a few cookies. Overall verdict for 3 people who has never done any cake deco before was great.. I give us ****- four stars!

I hope dad likes it.

Here's the cake with the cream topping.

It looks really horrible so we decided to cover it up with peaches. hehe...

Finally finished the deco of the cake. looks not bad ;)

Coating the sides of the cake with cookie crumbs

A cake all nicely done with Von posing :D

Two Monsters trying to get the cake. Hahahaha.....


JuliHo said…
Your sisters look so much like you. :)

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