Life is a Chore aka Stress Management

Was going attending a Stress Management Course by the company this morning when a colleague suddenly comment to me.

"You very stress meh??"

I couldn't help but to just smile back and say "YAR!" in a not so friendly tone before going off cursing her behind her back. (Sorry about that, I'm really very stress/burned out during this phrase of my life now.)

During the course, the lady asked us a few questions about the stress which we are facing. The respond was not very good. Everyone there was there for the sake of "escaping" from the desk for a while. The one and only thing that came into my mind is MONEY PROBLEMS...

Not an issue that can be solved so easily.

Having a job that can pay off your bills is a KEY POINT in my life now. Sometimes I would day dream about having a sugar daddy to cover all my expenses.. hahahaha.. Interested anyone?

Just learned from the lady in the stress management course that day dreaming is also know as Autogenic.. hahaha... Day dreaming sounds so professional now.

Well most of my friends out there will just mock at me. "You got car, house, job and a family business that you can rely on even when you become jobless!! What else you need?"

However, I can't help but feel something is still missing in my life right now. What is the main reason we need to work so hard for the earthly desires? What is a definition of a fulfilled life?"

I hope I can find my answers soon.


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