Updates on the CNY holidays

The public holidays for Chinese new year has finally passed. Thank GOD for that. I know you are going to say that there is something wrong with me. Who does not like a holiday?

Ever got a relative that you dun really like or dislike? I got plenty.

This one just happen to stay with us for the CNY holidays.

Feb 17

When I reached home from shopping for shoes got CNY on Saturday, she was there already. At first i thought that she only came over for the reunion dinner, Tuan Yuan Fan, with us.During dinner, she keeps telling us that we (twins and myself) are all getting fatter and should not eat so much. (I'm totally pissed off.) But after the dinner, my mum called me upstairs to tell me that dad has invited her to stay with us for the CNY until 23 Feb.

Wasn't very happy about it but no choice as she has no one to go to this holiday season. Her husband died a few years ago and she has no children to go to. (Okie, I pity her on this.)

I live in an EM. 3 bedrooms on the upper storey only. And 3 of us (twins and myself) stay in one of the rooms. So one of us has to give up our bed space. [3 of us are more than willing to give up and sleep in the living room :P ] Still have the cheek to tell my mum that she is sensitive to light, sound and movement. So the younger twin sleeping on the upper deck bed don't really dare go up to her bed. Ended up, the twins simply stick together and went down, leaving me with her. She snores!!!! So much for my first night sleep.

Feb 18

Twins first night on sofa. LOL. They complain the next day. No choice for me. so I pack my portable bed (I sleep on the floor all the time) and pass it to them. I haven't got much sleep either. I am really sensitive to light and sound(snoring) and i'm not joking about this.

Went house visiting at my dad's side of the family, with her plus the whole family in the car. Same story of her being the smallest sized one and how fat and big me and twins are. I thought my sisters are rude by telling me that she stinks too.(I not that mean okie.) You must be wondering how come my brother was not mentioned about fatness or something. THAT BECOZ HE IS THE GODSON OF HERS!!! Bloody stupid woman.

Needless to say, reminded us again during the lunch time on how fat we are.

About late afternoon, we have to head back home and rest before going to another auntie(mum's side) house AND my brother told his friends to buy tickets for movies. (HE CAN'T STAND HER EITHER) Got into qurrel with mum and making everyone else angry, he left with the car.

Darn. we are stranded at home with her.

We nicely ask her to come along with us. but she told us she was too tired??? (She slept for more than 10 hrs last night) So my mum, twins and myself left in a cab. Dad says he need to work tomorrow so not going too. Enjoyed the evening and late night without that woman. Had fun at my 3rd aunt's place.

Feb 19

Twins slept on my portable bed. I slept on a carpet with a comforter. Not a good night sleep either.

Today morning is a very important day for the Cantonese clan pple to offer our prayers to the gods for a successful and smooth year ahead. SHE AND HER BIG MOUTH ALMOST RUINED IT. Is it true that old pple like to talk about pple getting cancer, dying, poor thing, no money, no children care about all the time? I thought during CNY we are not even suppose to say anything about it. She keeps blabbering about it until my mum cannot take it anymore and ask her nicely to go and watch TV. (mama is so nice to her. If it me, I ask her shut up and go do ur own things) .

Then we needed to go house visit again to 2 places. ask her along too. She didn't want to join in. So we prepare some food for her so she need not cook, then we went out. Had fun again. LOL

Came back at about 10.30pm, she was watching TV. Mum has to go to stall due to the PRINCE is going out again. Twins and myself also sat down, watch TV and do some homework. At 11pm, she went to bed. Twins was watching Hana Kimi on youtube, so I joined them sleeping in the living room. We slept at 3 am I think.

Feb 20

She announce that she is going home at 9.30am in the morning. Waken up by her coz she wants me to open the door for her. Saying her back is aching and she is going to the doctor then going home after that. Sounded as if we ill treated her. Twins and I gave up our bed and room for her!!! Refrain from doing any housework so she need not lift a finger. (SHE KEPT MY ROOM DURING MY HOUSE VISIT TO MY AUNT AND NOW WE CAN'T FIND OUR THINGS do note that i did not ask her to do it.)

Got guilty about it (we thought that we chased her away by not sharing the room with her). and could sleep after that.

Dad woke up about 3 pm and found out that she left, so scold us for letting her go out alone and not giving her any money for doctor. (FOR GOODNESS SAKE, SHE INSISTED ON LEAVING. What you think I can do?)

Mummy analysed what happen and was feeling guilty for not showing enuff patience and hospitality towards her. So mummy called her on the mobile and asking her if she reached home safely. Well, she told my mum she need a maid, coz the house is dirty. (Another way of saying we are all VERY LAZY.) my mum ask her to visit us again next time. This is what she told my mum "Sure. If i strike Toto or 4D then I come again." (Excuse me. are you saying that we are cheap skates or something. She didn't even have to pay or buy anything here. Everything was paid and provided by us.)

PS:Darn. Shouldn't have her coming to stay in the first place.


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