Xmas party in Office and with Family

Yesterday was my office christmas celebration.


Really fun and plently of food. We had honey ham, honey ribs, tomato chicken breast, chips, juice, coke, cookies, chocolates and the star of the whole party .... FRUIT CAKE.(from Peck Khay) The cake was really really nice and moist. Going to get the recipe from her next time.

We also watch the anime of Happy Feet. Nice, touching show with plenty of songs and jokes in it. I guess everyone enjoy the party and the presents. (I GOT MONEY FROM BOSS... HAHA)

I went out with FAMILY yesterday too. We met up at Jack's Place in Tampines for a Xmas gift exchange.

Mark was a clutz... lol

He bought a $50 worth present for Jason this year when our budget is only like $15. That serves him right for not reading my SMS... :P

I got a stack of CD-R from Mei Mei. ( I really need it for my data these few day.. lol How did you read my mind? Thanks)


danlyne.L said…
"Whisking" (cooking-pun intended!) by to say Merry Christmas! hehehe!

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