My name is Crysta, and I'm a recipe-aholic


Recipes are my life. I’ve stopped counting my cookbooks. I have several years worth of recipes from places where I can possibly find. I have photocopies of recipes I’ve found at the library, and slips of paper with handwritten recipes from friends or television shows. I have printouts of recipes and word documents with hundreds of recipes pulled from websites, bulletin boards, and emails. I have a food blog for online recipes too. In case you haven't notice.

I have tried organizing my recipes many times. I have a huge 4-ring binder filled with neatly-typed favorite recipes placed into plastic sleeves and organized by recipe type. I also have little post-it notes sticking out of cookbooks and magazines reminding me of recipes to try (yeah right).

Unfortunately, none of these organization systems seem to work and I end up sitting on the couch every weekend, surrounded by open cookbooks and magazines, clipped recipes and printouts. Arranging them. I might need a library for them next time. IRC perharps?

PS: The real question is: Do I try all the recipes I got? Probably not.


Anonymous said…
hahaha! IRC? maybe you would like to get sk to catalogue them for u using the Library of Congress Classification System. hahaha~


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