Follow-up on friday.

Yesterday night I got insomia again. haiz..

But anyways I think I need to blog something about the event that day or it will be taking things for granted.

It was raining very heavily like 2 hours before we are about to set off.. OMFG... it really heavy you know... like pouring rather than raining. I was having seconds thoughts about going there. But I was thinking that Selvi put so much effort into this event for the Corporate CC so we must go.....

When we reach there, the buffet spread was like gone... GONE ~!~!!~! Like there is nothing left to be eaten.. but there are still some noddles, stuff here and there.

The rest of the event was fun and pretty educational. The place is pretty crowded for a friday. But neverless, I enjoy myself.

PS: Should order more food.


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