Depressing Thoughts of the day

I feeling sleepy and bord @ work today. Not there is nothing for me to do, but too much that you dunno where to start from. You get bored and dun feel like doing Do you get what I mean?

I guess I'm feeling too stress up nowadays towards $$ and ppl.

How come money is so hard to earn?

Today was reading the newspaper, there is an article about singapore's earning power is rated 43th position in the world. We earn the amount of a big Mac in like 40 or 45 mins (I'm talking working @ Macs.) whereas in japan, they get theirs in about 10 mins time. Is Singapore too slow or we are just not willing to pay the others for the job they are doing?

Pple like me never get to earn much, if you are working for others.

PS: So depressing today......


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