Banana Chocolate Cheesecake

Preparation : 45 mins + 6 hr chilling | Makes 23-cm cake

Butter --- 110 g, diced
Digestive Biscuits --- 250g, finely crushed
Brown Sugar --- 2 tbsp

Cream Cheese --- 500 g, diced
Castor Sugar --- 100 g
Lemon Juice --- 1 tbsp
Bananas --- 500 g, mashed
Powdered Gelatine --- 2 tbsp, dissolved in 100ml of water
Thicken Cream --- 300 ml

Banana --- 5
Sugar --- 120 g
Butter --- 60 g


Melt butter in pan over low heat. Add in biscuits, sugar and mix well.

With a back of a spoon, press into a greased springform 23cm cake pan. Cover cake pan and refrigerate for 30 mins.


Beat cream cheese, sugar and lemon juice until smooth. Beat in the bananas, add gelatine and mix well. Blend in thick cream.

Pour filling into the biscuit based. Cover it and refrigerate it for 6 hours.


Stir butter and sugar in pan over low heat until sugar dissolves. Bring to a boil and reduce heat. Add in bananas. Boil without stirring until mixture turns golden brown. Remove from heat. Let it stand for a while.


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