I made some mini no-bake cheesecake yesterday. :)

All are gone once they are set... hahaa....

Ah, the richness and the sinfulness of a cheese cake is wonderful. I like.

Using extra Oreos + butter for the base, the taste of the chocolate compliments the cream cheese very well. As goo as a match in heaven. If only ther calories are not there.

This started out when I was shopping in Giant in Malaysia last week. Before me was tons and tons of cream cheese waiting to be transformed into cheese cake. I pick up 2 packets of cream cheese along with a box of oreos and other stuff and head to the counter.

Once home , i left the cream cheese in fridge and forgot all about it until yesterday.

Since i was free that night, with help of my 2 tiwns sisters, we smash (about half the oreos were on the floor and in out tummy), we cream (swear to GOD that i will buy a electrical beater) and we chill. (couldn't wait til the cake is set)

When 3 hours was up, my youngest sis sneak up to the fridge and tried to steal one!

She was caught red handed and made to do the washing up.. hahha. But who could resist the cheese cake? Soon enough, the 3 of us were sitting right in front of the T.V and munching away the cakes. Each of us ate 3 servings and feels super guilty afterwards.


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