Using Wanton Skin to make Puff Pastry

Wanton Skins --------- 15 pieces
Chopped Almonds ----- For Decorations
Unsalted Butter -------- 40 grams -] (A)
Almond Powder -------- 20 grams -]

1) Mix ingredients from (A) together to form paste.

2) Spread the paste evenly on the wanton skin. Layer the next skin and repeat the process until all the wanton skins are used up.

3) Place a baking sheet on the wanton skins. Using a rolling pin, press out all the air in between the layers.

4) Place the wanton into the refrigerator for 10 mins. Remove from refrigeration and trims the corners to make a perfect square.

5) Pierce holes on the wanton skin and cut the pastry into 4 pieces.

6) Brush a layer of sugar and sprinkle the chopped almonds on the glazed pastry.

7) Mircowave for 2 mins or bake until the pastry is browned.

- Brush a layer of sugar syrup over the pastry to bright it and enhance the favour.
- Replace almonds powder for sesame powder.

How to twist the pastry:
Slit an opening in the middle of the Wantons skins and tuck in through the opening.


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