PB Pie

I love peanut butter since I was a little girl, living in the convience of going "downstairs" and get a jar for myself, i can finish a jar of PB in 2 day. All by myself. Below are some of the ways i eat my PB.

  1. On a hot toast with *kaya (a type of bread spread make of panda and eggs)
  2. Dunk with Oreo bisicuts.YUMMY
  3. Warm it in a mircowave oven and pour it over ice cream as a topping.

graham cracker crust which I mixed with coarsely ground roasted peanuts and Ghirardelli chocolate chips. The filling is a mixture of Skippy® peanut butter and Hershey’s milk chocolate. I had a bar of Nestle Crunch Dark that I broke into pieces and layered over the peanut butter filling. The topping is a simple ganache (Callebaut chocolate and cream) mixed with a little corn syrup for stability and shine.

Texture is important in a peanut butter pie since it’s so cloying and rich. To keep the taste exciting and the mouth wanting more, I add peanuts for crunch, which also serves to highlight the peanut flavor. Different chocolates provide variety – the sweetness of milk chocolate and the smoky tones of dark chocolate play off each other, adding depth to flavor.


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