Yellow Dragonfly~!~!~

I got a yellow dragonfly from DanLin~!~!
it was made from bamboo and it can balance on the tip of its mouth. Something very close to some decoration which use to be a bird. BUT THIS IS BAMBOO!!!

Was joking with may and the others that this dragonfly was for the effort I give to IRC dept for the pass week.
But it not!! This is a sweet sweet present from Danlin who brought it back to SG from Vietnam!!

I got into IRC at about close to 9am this morning and i still got to choose first.. Hahaha... Pat is fumming just now coz i won't trade my yellow dragonfly with hers.


I will take a picture of it and post it here for everyone to see my little yellow dragonfly.
I'm going home a.s.a.p to finish my drama "恶作剧之吻"!


danlyne.L said…
haha! glad u like it!
too bad for pat!!

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