Revised 26 years on Earth : resolution

Was actually not doing anything in the office right now so decided to think and blog before I head off for my busy weekends working at the stall. Being a workaholic is bad for the creative mind.

I'm 26 this year !!!

Ever since my 20 birthday during my poly, i never look back and count my AGE. But today while dining with the KM-DSTA group, Kok Chuan asked me how come I'm asking for ANGPOW from him, the AGE came back to huant me...

It's been a year and it's gonna be over before 2007 comes knocking at my door.Time just flew past and before I know it, I'm 26. I'm a freaking 26 @#$%^##$.

Wasn't really not happy with my life or anything but I always dreamed that I will be rich and pretty (SLIM) someday, with a great and caring boyfriend, stable job, high income, partying out with fellow friends and collegues, becoming a C.D(I'm always thinking of that. ;p) and some other stuff going through my tweenty weenty mind.

This life I'm having now is a whore, I'm always trying to make more cold hard cash but not spending them on myself. Money nowadays are going into my bills, food, transport and other minor stuff. It just so different from what I have always dreamed.

Well, I'm not complaining about my life now, at least i still have a bunch of family, organ, office and 3maran gangs to hang out with. Main point is, I'm not sure that this is the life I want to spend the rest of my life on.

I dun even know if any changes are good changes or not. AND I DUN WANT TO CHANGE.. unless it for the better.

2006 New Year Resolutions

I really hope I can keep this years resolutions. so i only giving myself 3 this year.They are rated according to their importance... getting a guy is the last thought i will want due to no time and no good guys around... *winks... ;p

- to give my best for my work(In DSTA or Stall)

- to Slim down (Darn, this has been on my list since forever....)

- to meet a nice guy/man/boy (I'm not picky.. hahaha. I dun go for looks, height, size but he must be caring, able to make me luff and can quarrel with me.. or else life is boring.... ;p )

PS: KT's CNY House visit is wonderful. Her granny and mum cook plenty of good food for us. We tried her homemade CNY goodies. They are extra wonderfully good. Anymore extra Almond Cinnamon Biscuits??? Anyone?


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