Diet? Anyone Keen?

Today is a raining day. Right before the lunch time, the sun was shining brightly.

I got some KFC coupons from Juli and have a sudden craving for KCF!!

Went up happily to inform the gang (YuanLin and Joan) that we are having KFC when YL tell me, "Crysta, I(YL) need to lose 20kg. No more tempting me into eating fattening stuff."


For ur info YL, you are a guy and you are not even overweight!!! (Compare to me you are fine... I'm over weight and i'm not complaining.... DUH!!!)

It seems to me that everyone ard me is getting more and more "healthy" now...

Maybe i need to go on a DIET (NOT THIS WORD~!~!~!)........

Til then.. byebye fast food


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