Tired Monday Morning

Hello World !!

I'm so glad that I'm still alive after 16 hours of non-stop standing and working at my parents. I thought that I will not survive to tell the tale.

  • Woke up - 7.30am

  • Took the car to the stall. - 8.00am

  • Had a breakfast of a fried egg with 2 slices of bread - 8.15am

  • First batch of customers - 8.30am ~ 2pm

  • Took a break and prepare for next batch of customers(still standing and doing stuff) - 2pm ~ 4pm

  • Second batch of Customers - 4pm ~ 8pm (Parents arrived at 5pm but customers are still flooding in)

  • Took a break again and perpare more stuff for later(still standing) - 8pm ~ 8.30pm

  • Another batch of customers - 8.30pm ~ 11pm

  • Being bugged by my mum that I've got to work tomorrow - 11pm ~ 11.15pm

  • Took a ride home in the car(Help my mum to buy rice for the stall) - 11.30pm

  • Finally got to relax (sisters bugged me to teach them homework.) - 12.15am

  • Finished "teaching" homework and get to bed - 1.30am

The above list of things are some stuff i usually do on weekends. Do not attemp the above if you are not a trained professional...

PS: I so wanted to sleep now but Kwee Tin wants me to give a detail on the 16 hours of working... I'm always in a nonsense mood when i'm sleepy or tired.
Oh.. and HAPPY BELATED Birthday to my Daddy Dearest whose birthday is on 8 Jan.


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