Dinner @ Fish&Co

Yesterday catching up with zozo, jas and timmy was great.

We had 2 Seafood Platter for two – Platter of seasonal fish, calamari, prawns & mussels in creamy garlic & lemon butter sauce and 4 "Giant" freezy drink. (I'm the only one to finish drinking it. Hahaha.... )

We actually thought that the drinks are like only the size of the beer mugs they sell at coffeeshops.. to our surprise, its the size of ????? super duper giant size MUG?????

We sure have a tough time drinks and chowing down our food.

After gobbling most of the food on the table, we caught sight of the couple's food sitting beside us.. The male diner's food took us by surprise.

Timmy was saying that it looks like 2 hills... with rice at the bottom.. I was guessing that they are fish head??? sure looks weird...

The waitress seems to be pretty impress by us finishing all the food.. hahahaha... we are a bunch of monsters!!!!

Hiaz... Tim tim going away on Feb 17..

Going to miss him big time wor....

*Sob sob...*

PS: Johnson owns a personal airport. He puts us aeroplane... never turn up... But Tim Tim got the company of 3 "pretty" girls all to himself.... Hahahhaa


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