Complain about singtel

I turned into a scary person these few days. Scolding about 2 ~ 3 people in the course of getting my internet and hp connection back.

It all started the day singtel turn off my connection to internet and my hp.

Singtel is pretty STUPID in handling this case (In my point of view). I dun care even if ou sue me. Coz i feel this is very very unfair.

  • Recieve termimation letter to pay my bills b4 they close my account.

  • Stopped my hp services.

  • Paid for my bills on the 10 Jan 2006. Make myself walk all the way in the rain to the opp of my house to pay ther bills at 11pm coz I dun want them to disconnect my account.

  • Waiting for my hp to reconnect.<11-1-06>

  • Internet connection got cut off.<12-1-06>

  • Thought it was my modem problem. reformated my PC to try again.<12-1-06> BTW i was still waiting for my hp reconnection

  • Got the PC up and running.<14-1-06>(I got to work too.. can't spend all time with PC..)

  • Ask my mother if the hp is reconnect? coz i'm not using the hp.<15-1-06> Mum call singtel to find out. and the operater told her that i need to go down to the singtel shop to reconnect.

  • Went to singtel shop after my working hours which is like 7 pm i arrived. Waited for more than 30 mins b4 it was my turn.

  • Ger attend to me got SCOLDED from me. she was telling me that singnet connection is not here.. need to call to activate it... She help me to call and the other girl from the singnet side say she will have to check the billing thingy tomorrow and sher will call me at 10.30am. Went home. Girl from singtel shop told me that reconnection will happen in 2 days time.<16-1-06

  • Girl from singnet call me and tell me i got outstanding and she cannot reconnect for me. Need me to pay another $250 (so call outstanding) before she can reconnect. i was like WTF.why i need to pay again? Start to argue with her until i got very angry. She call me to call 1688 to check my billing.<17-1-06 @ 11.45amshe is late with the time>

  • called 1688. Man picked up. i start to fire(really firece) my enquires at him. Demand to know what @%#@$ outstanding i have. Man at billing say i got nomore outstanding. just call singnet to reconnect the internet.<17-1-06 @ 12.30pm>

  • Called 1610.<@ 12.30pm>Other ger picked up.(Indian Lady) In a mean tone i requested her to reconnected my internet services. She also give me the "outstanding payment thingy." Feeling damm fedup, i scream at her to call the billing center to check what outstanding payment i have!!! she put me on hold and later about 10 mins, she pick up and say she have to check for me. Put on hold again. about another 10 mins later, another lady came on (i was like WTF !@#$%^&) But this time i'm not so mean to shout. just in a very sarcastic tone i "request" again. i think she got the picture. she told me that she will look into this issue and call me back later.<17-1-06 @ 12.45pm>

  • The last girl that pick up my call, called me back and told me that the reconnection will occur in 5 days time. and if there is to be any problem, she will call me back at the cell number i gave her (this is so much better), but i have to pay a "reconnection fee" of $42. The disconnection was made on 12-1-06, and i made my full payment on 10-1-06??? (#$%^&*, but never mind. just my luck. as long as i have my connection back.)

I think this is a bad way of handling customers from singtel. i do wish that they check everything b4 asking customers to make phone calls so much. (i made a total of 8~10 phone calls to singtel for this case.)

They should also check the stupid SAMS machine more often so that they will not have any error in billing issues.


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