Very Pink White Chocolate Cake

For diameter 9cm round 3 units or diameter 18cm round 1 unit

Ingredients :
Sponge cake
Egg: 3
Sugar: 80g
Plain flour: 60g
Corn flour: 30g
Lemon Rind: 1
Unsalted butter: 25g

White chocolate cream
Raw cream: 300cc
Meiji white chocolate: 60g
Raspberry Puree: 80g

Sugar: 50g
Water: 100cc
Rum liquor: 1 tbsp

For decoration
Raspberry: A little
Meiji Apollo: A little


Sponge cake
1. Preheat the oven. Sieve the flour into the mixing bowl.
2. Add melted butter and add lemon rind together.
3. Add the egg and the sugar into the [2] and beat with the hand mixer until thoroughly mixed.
4. Add flour in the mixture [3], folding it in with a rubber spoon.
5. Place the mixture into a well-greased tin and bake approximately 25 minutes at 180 ℃ in the oven. Turn it out and let it cool on the cooling rack.

White chocolate cream
1. Chop the chocolate and melt them in a double boiler.
2. Adding a small quantity of raw cream and raspberry into the chocolate until all the ingredients are used up.
3. Keep mixture well chilled in the refrigerator before using.

1. Pouring the water and the sugar in the small pot, cook over lower heat. Add in rum just before using. (You may omit it if you want.)

1. Slices the sponge cake in 3 portions.
2. Allow the chocolate cream to thaw for 8 minutes for easy usage.
3. On the surface of the sponge, paint it with the syrup, layer the it the chocolate cream. Repeat with the rest.
4. The decorate the cake with raspberry and Apollo.


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