Truffles of Two Colours

Rum liquor Flavour
Meiji milk chocolate: 150g
Raw cream: 75cc
Rum liquor: Large spoon 1.5

For coating
Meiji milk chocolate: Approximately 100g

In addition
Meiji pure cocoa: Proper quantity

Green Tea Flavour
Meiji white chocolate: 150g
Raw cream: 75cc

For coating
Meiji white chocolate: Approximately 100g

In addition
Powdered tea: Proper quantity

The method for making both flavours are the same.

1. Chop the chocolate into small pieces and place them in the bowl.
2. Place raw cream in the pot and before boiling, you mix in the bowl "1". Mixing well with a beater, mix until a smooth cream condition.
3. Mix in the liquior and contiune to mix it well until the cream can form stiff peaks.
4. Pipe "3" into even portions on a baking tray and place into the refrigerator.
5. When "3" is firm enough to handle, shape them into round balls with your plams.
6. Melt the coating chocolate in a double boiler.
7. Dip "3" into the coating chocolate and coat it with powder before the coating chocolate harden.


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