Home Made Plain Yogurt

milk ----------- 8 cups
powdered milk ---- 2/3 cup
plain yogurt ------ 1 cup
(I use marigold lowfat plain yogurt)

Adding powdered milk creates a thicker yogurt that takes less time to ferment. It's optional if you are using whole milk or two percent. Some skim and one percent milk include added milk proteins which make the product taste less watery and will behave the same way as if you added powdered milk.

The most tedious thing about making yogurt is watching the milk get hot. You need it to hit 170 degrees, but not have it boil hot. So you want to pay attention to the pot and have a thermometer at hand. Once you've hit the target temperature, remove from heat and then wait for the milk to cool.

Have the starter yogurt handy in a cup. When the milk is cooled to the proper temperature, mix a small amount it in with the yogurt. This will break up the yogurt and makes blending it with the rest of the milk easier. Once you add the starter, the milk can be placed in a warm place for four to eight hours. I place it it my microwave oven to maintain the temperture. Refrigerate before serving.


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