Work, eat, play, sleep...

How wonderful if we can just omit the first "Work" in the group.
I know that its impossible. So better stop dreaming and start getting out of my day dreaming.

We spend 1/4 of our life sleeping, 1/5 of our life waiting, 1/3 of our life working, 1/7 of our life studying and what are we left with?

Old, tired and never rich enough to enjoy luxury for the rest of our lives.

Other than those god damn lucky people who is born with gold spoon in their mouth and spending money like turning on the tap. Enuff of that... getting more and more depress thinking about it.

In the first place, what do we live for? Have we ever thought of that? Now that you haven't, don't panic, you are not alone...

- Why work hard, earn more, pay more to cover more?

Just Work little, earn little, play more to enjoy simple life-


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