Outing with "The Family"

I'm enjoying a bit of my life now due to the fact that I'm not going out with "The Family" for quite sometime already. "The Family" seems too broken to be called family again.

My schedule is always tight, my weekends are always and forever working and working, time seems short. And everyone seems to be busy.

There are too many things to do. Except one thing - its the end of the pay month. Which means I'm a bit dry now. Tight pockets and tighter wallet. My payday is on the 20th every month, which means I can't spend - or literally, not much.

In order to save some extra $, I'm thinking of forgoing to meet up with "The Family". Sounds as if I'm really stingy, but our outing usually is in shopping centers and resturants. Expensive leh.

But I can't think of any other place which is cheap and nice. Afterall, we are meeting up to catch up on each other once in a while rite? Should be enjoying ourselves once in a while.

But well, the bottomline is, I wish to join them, while I don't wish to overspend, I don't care if my bank were to break 0 after the meal, but I just want to enjoy some time with them too......

Conflicting. Dilemna.


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