Dinner At Pariss

Was having dinner with my mum and sisters at Pariss. Costing a total of $135.60.

At the start, Dinner was not bad... The crowds are pretty decent and quiet.

Then, someone has to come and spoil the mood for everyone. While we are busy filling up ourselves with the food, a family of 8 came in and survey the resturant. Making a hell lot of noise.

After getting alot of stares from the diners, they are seated and the kids start moving into the buffet area.(still making a lot of noise and a nuisense of themselves.)

I happen to be seated quite close to the drinks section, and i can see the kids coming about every interval of 10 mins to get their drinks. On top of that, when they got their drinks, usually we will proceed back to the assigned table and drink but they are actually drinking onspot and reuse the same glass again to topup and drink and top up again, it turns me off so much...

If those happen to be someone i know, i will hit them up side down.

Well i guess you can't have everyone being well mannered (they should be pretty well educated, i heard them speak with a accent.)

Dinner at Pariss is not bad but the diners plays a larger role in the dinning experience.(Depends if it good or bad)


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