Update for the missing days

Nothing Pretty much happen to me after my last entry but just take a note to my M.C.

I fell sick ! 2 Days in this week (Monday & Thursday).

Before anyone start to point their fingers at me and call me a Bum for not going to work, i better explain how come i was sick for 2 days in a week.

Monday ----

Some serious backache. I have bad problems since Poly days.

So this settles.

Thursday ----

I don’t know maybe it was the heat or maybe it was the stress I’m been getting from the workplace or maybe a combine of both..

After work on Tuesday, on my way home i bought 3 BIG MACS home for dinner. $2 each.

I felt a bit lightheaded when i got back home.

So after dinner, i laid in bed about 2 hours later, my tummy starts to hurts.

I tried to sit up and a huge headache hit me...

hurted so much , sort of a "fainting" feeling.

But I ain't a quitter...

Went to work the next day despite the fact that i'm really unwell.
then when i came home that night, whatever i eat is puke out in less than half an hour..


so no choice i got to call my "Dear Colleen" and tell her that i sick..

Still feeling sick today but i got my medicine waiting for me.


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