An Appreciation of the Techniques and Tricks on Maya

I Receive this from a friend of mine.

Thinking of going there but there is no one going with me.

Anyone I know wants to go along ? MSN me ....

30 July 2005 (Saturday) - 2.00 pm to 5.00 pm

Venue: Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts (Campus 1), NAFA 1 Seminar Room 80

Bencoolen Street Singapore 189655

You are cordially invited to attend the Seminar and the accompanying
Course Preview for those interested in mastering Maya.

Are you fascinated by recent computer generated animation films like
Finding Nemo, Shrek, Robots, Harry Potter and Madagascar? Did you know
that Maya(r) was the main software used extensively in producing all
those blockbusters? You might wonder, "How can I unleash the power of
this software?"

This seminar will give an in-depth answer to your question. The Course
Director of Sparky-Berkley Maya Training Program will walk you through
the various methodologies and techniques that can be used for generating
amazing animation. Naturally, this modern and innovative animation
system presents a great challenge for many users, but once you have
learned to use it, you will find it both powerful and flexible. Where
can you find relevant courses to teach you all this?

Our comprehensive Maya Training Program comprises various animation-
intensive courses that teach the demand skills of Character Animation,
Modeling, Special Effects, Shading, Texturing, Maya Embedded Language
(MEL), and Expressions. Whether you are a newbie breaking into the world
of computer graphics, or an intermediate or advanced practitioner
wishing to further your talents, our program has what you need.

Are you seeking the answer(s) for the following questions?

* A 2D or 3D artist who wants cool, innovative and advanced skill sets
at his/her finger tips * Needing to learn the proper animation tools to
venture into a career that's full of excitement and achievement *
Wondering where and how to gain expert technical knowledge to solve
production challenges.

Then, you should find out the answers by attending this information
packed seminar.

The speaker, Wong Kok Cheong, has worked on blockbuster Hollywood movies
like Grinch, X-Men & Time Machine. He was involved extensively in the
development of character animation pipelines using Maya.

Seats are limited. Register early to avoid disappointment. Go to our
website at Free gifts for the first 50
registered participants.


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