My Last Day in the company

Today is my last day in the company, Trimaran Pte Ltd, as a Web Graphic Designer. I will be starting another chapter of my working life in another company on 16/06/2005.

There is a sense of lost and relieve at the same time when I was going to leave the company. I know this is very delima but the sense of lost is mostly from leaving the friends that I have got to known since the entering of this company. Namely Azlyyah (Da Jie), Dirah, Cyd, Zolene, Serene, Johnson and a whole lot more of wonderful people here. It really sad to leave Dirah, Cyd and Serene to battle alone.(Guys, I'm so Sorry~!)

Zozo will find a very handsome, rich and good boyfriend. (Look and earn money like Jay Zhou~!)

Johnson got a good job. So John Har.. Quickly get married. I want to be an auntie....

Azlyyah, hope that you find a great job soon.

I not very good in expressing myself with words but I really hope all the best for everyone.


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