The "UNLUCKY" Day (Friday 13th)

Today is the so-called unlucky day, friday 13. it seems not to affect me at all. But it happen to affect people surrounding me.


In Fact I feel very lucky today.

1) I woke up bright and early all by myself this morning.

2) I'm call for the 2nd interview at FTMS. Happy....

3) Until 10.49am, there is not unlucky thing happening to me in the office yet.(My friend zozo had a accident with the seiyu enews.)

4) At 2.08pm, I saw a handsome guy in the lift. This make my day man.

5) At 4.09pm, I visited this site. this is so funnie....

Had a luffing good time with Zozo.

I guess I will update this post once I have anything good/bad happening to me. *hopefully not*


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