Rude People this morning

Something nice today. :)

Was having lunch at the Distribute Park today. One cute guy caught my eye. Wearing Black. :)

It was lunch time and the place is pack like hell. Suddenly there is 3 seats available.(Which the cute guy sat before.) :)

Ask and sat down.

Suddenly felt someone looking at me....

That Cute Guy !!!

He was standing about 4m away from the table. He saw me looking at him and he SMILED at ME~!~!

He seems to be waiting for someone.

A male friend of his went up to him with bags of fruits and ask him how come not seated at the previous place just now. He simply just smile and mutter something to his friend before pulling his friend away.

So nice (So shy) of him to give up his seat(s) for us.(Cyd, zozo and me) [I have a mindset that cute guys == nasty people] Now that's going to change. Hahaha....

Whentever I see news about Singaporeans being "Kiasu", I always thought that it just some review about a minor group of Singaporean overseas. But I guess I was too quick in laying my judgement then.

But I guess most of the Singaporeans I share the MRT, Bus or even the same office building are really "Kiasu".

One typical fine example this morning ....

While waiting for the feeder bus service under my block of flats to arrive, there was about 5 ~ 6 people waiting for the bus to arrive. When the bus arrived, one irrating person (happens to be the last person to arrive at the bus stop) rush up and tried to hogged the best place to board the bus. Well, the rest followed in suit. Mind you this are all people about early or mid-thirties.

On the bus, it was pretty empty but the PERSON who board the bus first, refuse to move to the back of the bus just because he also wants to be the first person to alight the bus at the interchange.(5 stops away and everyone is alighting the stop anyway.)

On the MRT, it pretty empty too,(mine is the terminal station) so i found a seat next to one chinese man and another seat away from another Indian man. One Indian man who happen to board the before it took off, sat beside me.

(If you board the train late and take a seat, found it squeezy, i believe most of the people I know of will actually sit slighty a bit forward.)

This guy is a different story. He in fact squeeze in more! i have no choice but to move forward. The story about more "Kiasu" People goes on and on. I guess if I were to write just my journey to office, it could be a essay soon.....

Its just a 30 mins duration and you can find so many inconsiderate and "Kiasu" people. I guess the news about Singaporeans being "Kiasu" isn't so fake now.

P.S: I'm a Singaporean too.(but I not KS)


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